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We believe that all businesses should develop a Strategic Plan to set out the goals and aspirations of both the business and business owners.

In practice we very rarely see a written Strategic plan as most business owners don’t create the time to sit down and discuss their short, medium and long-term goals. Instead they make their business decisions based on their intuition and react to situations as they arise rather than having a plan to work towards.

We are not suggesting that business owners making these decisions get them wrong, as over years of trading they almost seem to get a sixth sense and we take them seriously, however we do still believe that planning is important as it will lead to the business owner becoming more proactive rather than reactive.

A good business plan will

  • Set long term strategic goals
  • Put in place operational systems to achieve your goals
  • Give the business targets against which it can monitor its performance
  • Be flexed if unforeseen events take place.

We have the experience at Murray and Lamb to help with the development of your plan.

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